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We are interested in receiving information on any vessels or barges, inland or ocean service, available for sale or charter. This can be on a published or private & confidential basis.

We start 2018 with five sales and one charter with several more pending to close in the first quarter. In 2017, we recorded fifteen sales and one charter. Marcon ended 2016 with passing the 1,000,000BHP sold or chartered in tugs milestone with its 19th and final transaction of the year. One 5,000HP ASD tug continues to be fixed on previously arranged long-term charter in Latin America. Looking back over the past 37 years, we have averaged about 40 sales/charters per year. A full history of past sales, references and background is available on request or can be downloaded from our website.

Marcon International has for the past 37 years specialized as shipbrokers in the offshore petroleum, towing and marine construction industries. Since our first sale in 1983, Marcon has sold or chartered 1,432 vessels & barges, including over 1,037,957BHP in tugs, 922,260dwt ocean deck barges, 157,065dwt ocean hopper barges, 7.240 million bbl capacity in ocean tank barges, 108 crew & pilot boats, 178 supply, utility & tug supply and 60 survey, seismic & support vessels, in addition to others.

We ensure that vessels offered on a published basis are immediately reported to prospective Buyers or Charterers, as well as included in our printed newsletter and on our website. Vessels offered on a private and confidential basis can also be offered “unnamed” to a very select number of our clients and all information is treated with care and not included in the newsletter or website listings. At present we average abt. 10 new direct listings per month.

Our clientele includes companies worldwide. Three times a year, a newsletter, containing approximately 900 listings, is sent out to over 7,500 recipients worldwide in electronic or print form. We have over 1,000 listings available on our website,, which is updated on a daily basis. The website contains further details on selected vessels and barges, such as drawings and photographs. The website allows users to search for vessels based upon type, size, location and other criteria.

Although specializing as shipbrokers in the offshore towing and petroleum industry, we also handle other types of vessels. A breakdown of other classes of vessels and barges plus various market reports and articles can be downloaded from the website, faxed or e-mailed on request.

All services of Marcon International, Inc. are at your disposal. We look forward to working closely with you on the marketing of your vessels and barges for sale and / or charter.


Bob Beegle

Celebrating 37 years as Brokers from 1981 to 2018


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